I Need More Color

Peace Coffee Cup

Good Afternoon All:

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  (I wrote this post this past Saturday, 8-26-17, but then was unable to post until today, Monday.) Our plans were changed a bit, so I thought I would spend some time journaling.  Have any of you seen these Bible Journaling pages on Pinterest?  A younger, very talented friend of mine introduced me to them about a year ago.  I love them.

One of the things I’ve discovered in these past few months about myself, is that I need much more color in my every day life. Continue reading “I Need More Color”


What Do You Choose To See?


Good Afternoon Everyone:

I had hoped to be able to post something yesterday, but my appointment with the new therapist in the middle of the day prevented me from really being able to get back to do so.  I apologize for that.

I changed therapists, not because I felt anything negative towards Lyndsey, in fact quite the opposite is true.  She made me feel quite welcome and safe.  However, as we had been progressing through the “talk therapy,” she and her supervisor, Holly, thought I might benefit from a therapy called EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It uses rapid eye movement to help people with PTSD to desensitize to the triggers that cause panic, while also reprocessing the original events in a manner that doesn’t continue to build upon the initial trauma.  I’m including a link here, if you want to check it out more.  I won’t be actually starting the therapy itself until later in October, but it sounds interesting and I’m usually up to exploring something new.


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How Can This Be?

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Good Morning:

Today is August 23rd of 2017.  My last post was in May, something like the 6th.  HOW CAN THIS BE?

If you are anything like me, you’ve started to realize that time, especially time in the summer always seems to move faster than it did any time previously.  However, I look at those dates and I’m not just baffled.  I’m dumbfounded.  Again, I ask: HOW CAN THIS BE?

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Coffee Shop: Saturday Morning

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Good Morning Everyone:

We’ve had a few sunny days, which means I have been out in the garden.  May is always full of busy work around here, but it’s enjoyable work.  Saturdays are my traditional day for doing all things at a slower pace.  This morning, while enjoying my first cup of coffee, I listened to the multitudes of wild birds who have returned home to our trees.  They have a full blown performance of song going on out there.  It’s beautiful and always worth taking the time to stop and just listen to.

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Coffee Shop: Recollections

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Good Morning Everyone!  Welcome to my version of the Coffee Shop.

This morning on my FB page, I found a post that included an old picture of two of my parents’ good friends.  I can’t tell the exact time period of the photo, but it’s most likely when they were still in their 20’s, probably in the 1960’s or so.

The photo conjured up so many different memories of my own, but then my cousin also responded to the photo, which brought up an entirely different chain of memories as well.  I started to smile, and then inwardly giggle, as I remembered Ray’s laughter.  He was a whiz at remembering and sharing jokes, and his laughter was so contagious that even if you didn’t get the joke, you still had a big belly laugh.  You know, one of those times where it starts out small, but grows and grows and grows, well, until your stomach hurts and you swear you might pee your pants.  (Remember in the 1960’s, I was still just a “little fart” as my husband puts it.)

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Coffee Shop – Day 1

Good Morning!  Welcome to the Coffee Shop.  I’m glad you stopped by for a visit.coffee and lavendar.jpeg

I have so much work to do with the new blog site today.  I went to bed last night with ideas for changes I wanted to make this morning.  The first is changing the categories and menu.  My idea for the coffee shop is based on my favorite times spent with good friends visiting some of our own small town coffee shops.  Some of my most cherished moments of friends and good conversation involve these very special places.

So here is the question for this morning:  Do you have a favorite coffee shop?  If so, please leave a comment telling us it’s name, where it’s located, and what makes it so special to you.  Sound like fun?  By the way, why not enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or other beverage while you’re at it.  Take a break to be present in the moment and give thanks for some of our many blessings: coffee, friends, and a gathering place.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day!



2nd Day Training/Yarn


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via Daily Prompt: Yarn

This is my second day of training at Lynda.com.  I wanted to start a blog, but had no clue about how to go about it, so I’m taking a class on the other tab currently open on my laptop, while I write out this blog post to practice.  Looking around at some of the features of WordPress.com, I found a word of the day challenge.  I looked at the site and thought this would be a helpful tool, so decided to follow up with a post relating to the word for today, which is yarn.   There are no rules other than to use the word to jump start my creative writing.  How fun is that?  If I can figure it out, I’ll attach a link to the challenge, but if I’m not successful right away, I’ll come back and try again.  Hope you enjoy my own personal story of learning about yarn and how to knit. Continue reading “2nd Day Training/Yarn”

Lessons in WordPress

I promised that I would keep posting as I was learning.  I’ve turned to free tutorials and then tried a free trial of Lynda.com to find information that is useful to me.  There have been some good pieces of information that I’ve picked up along the way, however a lot of it isn’t geared for someone like me.  What I mean by that, is so many of the instructors talk a mile-a-minute.  I want to say back to them, “Wait on a minute.  I’m old, slow down a bit.  I can’t hear you, let along move a cursor around that fast.”  So I press pause, “Thank You God for pause buttons,” and listen to it over again. Continue reading “Lessons in WordPress”