Welcome to The Gathering Place 55.  On December 26, 2016, I turned 55.  Hence, 55 included in the name of of my blog.  I had decided in the few months prior to my birthday that I was going to make this year my Sabbatical Year.  In other words, I was going to step back from my 30-some-year career in social ministry outreach, and take the time to practice being present with God.  When I shared my thoughts with others, it became apparent that some of them would like to soul-journey with me along the way.  I consider myself something of technology dinosaur (I still have a flip phone and rarely carry it with me), and was pretty much frightened senseless about trying to do anything of this sort.  However, I truly believe God was pushing.  Since jumping into the proverbial frying pan, I have found that although intimidating at first, I am enjoying learning these new skills.  So again, I welcome you to The Gathering Place 55.  I hope you enjoy our time together, and that you will come back again.  Godspeed!  Jules